What to know about football cleats?

Whether it is flag football, practice or game day, your cleats allow you to play at your highest level. The best products provide a snug but comfortable fit, protection and stability for the foot as you move, and traction that works with the surface. In short, the best cleats are ones designed to do everything to help the athlete perform at their best- quick cuts, acceleration, and making the big play when it matters most.

What kind of cleats are for football?

With today’s surfaces of grass or artificial grass— the best cleats use a performance composite or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) molded plate, using cleat patterns with varying heights and locations to both optimize grip and allow release when needed. The B.T.A, Elite uses a combination of high-performance materials to give best-in-class propulsion and weight savings — and proven traction patterns. Models with rubber cleats are also for football, which cost less but some models sacrifice weight and performance.

What is the difference between a football cleat and other cleats?

Football cleats are for dynamic action. Hard stops, full speed change of direction, and usually bigger athletes— so they are ideally to support the foot and fit well. Our Zero-Space fit helps make that happen. Compared to soccer cleats, besides a more supportive upper, they will also have more rigidity in the plate and innersole for torsional righty and support of the midfoot.

How do I choose the best football cleats?

Start with positional needs and size. Most players fall into two main categories: skill/hybrid players, and linemen. Linemen will tend to have wider feet and/or prefer a more “relaxed” fit and underfoot cushioning. Skill players and hybrid positions tend to want the fit and feel of a speed cleat. The BeastMode B.T.A. Elite is what we call a “turbo low” — a shoe that is very versatile and works with the largest percentage of players. It is a ‘Swiss Army knife” of a football cleat that can do it all.

How long should football cleats last?

Depending on field and climate conditions, a football cleat should last through the regular season. We suggest letting them dry out and air out naturally after hard or rainy practice, and avoid walking on cement and asphalt surfaces, when possible, to protect the spikes themselves.

Do football cleats run small or big?

Most football cleats run a bit smaller than traditional shoes. Not so much in length, but in the overall snugness of the feel. Our B.T.A. Elite has a tapered fit and will be remarkably like the industry speed models of the biggest brand we know. If you are unsure, choose a half size higher.